Police criticised after footage emerges of them laughing and joking with an escaped white cow before driving it back to its field

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Surrey police have been widely criticised this morning after footage emerged of a number of their officers laughing and joking with a white cow, before returning it to its field with a comfortable ride in the back of a van.

The video was released shortly after another CCTV recording showed a disturbing incident in which a black cow was repeatedly rammed by a police vehicle, despite having broken no laws.

“This just further illustrates the two-tier police system we now operate under,” explained witness Simon Williams.

“It’s one rule for the white cows, and another for the black cows.

“If you needed yet more evidence of institutional bias in the nation’s police forces, well here it is. Daisy the white cow had a lovely old time roaming around Staines-on-Thames before being gently cajoled into the back of a van and taken back to her field in time for an afternoon graze.

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“Whereas her black counterpart was followed through the streets by a number of suspicious police officers, before being repeatedly hit by a vehicle the very moment they felt ‘unsafe’. It’s profiling at its very absolute worst.”

Another Staines resident, and self-proclaimed leader of the Staines Massive, Ali G, was more forthright, asking police, “Is it cos he is black?”