Tonight on Question Time: Nigel Farage, Nigel Farage, Nigel Farage, and Nigel Farage. Presented by Nigel Farage

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Tonight’s Question Time comes from Clacton and is presented by Nigel Farage. The panel of Nigel Farage, Nigel Farage, Nigel Farage, and Nigel Farage will tackle a number of questions from the audience including

  • Is Nigel Farage the only man who can make Britain great again?
  • Foreigners: bastards?
  • Why isn’t the Government digging holes in the English Channel to stop small boats from coming across?
  • Why is Nigel Farage so lovely?

“It’s important to get a real broad church of opinion on Question Time,” explained Question Time producer Simon Williams.

“And that broad church means Nigel Farage, then more Nigel Farage and then, when you think there can’t possibly be any more Nigel Farage – more Nigel Farage!”

The BBC has received a statement from Nigel Farage saying that he’s not looking forward to the show.

“The BBC is a hotbed of communists and homosexuals and last week, when I was on Question time, I wasn’t given a big throne to sit on with a big bucket of sweets and the audience, who were clearly all left-wing plants, and didn’t even cheer my every word and carry me aloft on their shoulders.”

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The BBC unreservedly apologised to Nigel Farage, and confirmed that this week he will have the throne and bucket of sweets, and the audience will just be a tape of people cheering, so he can be certain of a fair hearing.

After Question Time, there is a half-hour special in which Nigel Farage investigates why Nigel Farage isn’t on the BBC more often.

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