Rishi Sunak buys fridge

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has bought a fridge, it has been revealed.

The fridge is one of the larger ones available. Enough to contain a small man, along with some other items that may be of use to any small man who is in the fridge for any period of time. It is surprisingly portable, for a fridge, being fitted with wheels so that it can be pulled behind Mr Sunak at all times for use in an emergency.

“I don’t think there is anything abnormal or unusual about any campaigning politician being accompanied by a large fridge at all times,” explained one of Mr Sunak’s aides.

“In fact, frankly, I feel somewhat responsible for the PM not having a fridge up at his beck and call until now. As one of his most senior aides, that’s on me. But now he does have a fridge. Which is a perfectly normal thing. 

“It’s a good one as well, very roomy, there’s even space for a TV and playstation, you know, if one were to need spend any period of time in there.”

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The aide believed this could see a real turnaround in fortunes for Mr Sunak’s election campaign.

“It’s a game-changer, it really is,” continued the aide.

“If we had a fridge when that GP was berating him, or when people were asking about D-day, or when he was in Wales talking about football, well, everything would have been different.”

It seems that the introduction of the fridge hasn’t been all plain sailing, however.

“No, I came in this morning, and asked the PM what he wanted to do today. I just said ‘what’s the plan, boss?’ and he hid in the fridge for three hours.”