‘Wait, are we the bad guys?’ Manchester City fans finally start to ask themselves

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After it was revealed that Manchester City is taking the Premier League to court this month to claim rules they are accused of breaking are actually ‘illegal’, even fans of the club have started to wonder if they are, in fact, the bad guys here.

Manchester City are taking the Premier League to court regarding the legality of the league’s associated party transaction (APT) rules, which determine whether sponsorship deals from companies owned by the same people as the club are financially ‘fair’, and whether they can be used to breach financial fair play rules.

This has led some Man City fans to question why anyone would need to argue the legality of a rule you insist has not been broken.

Season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “I was 100% behind the club when they insisted that no rules had been broken, and that the 115 charges were all blown out of proportion – it’s what any proper fan would do. But now?

“I have to wonder why are we taking them to court to claim the rules we’re accused of breaking are actually illegal? Why would you need to do that if you haven’t broken them?

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“Do you know who DOESN’T spend millions of pounds going to court to challenge the legality of spending rules? People who haven’t fallen foul of them, that’s who.

“So I can’t help but ask myself, have we been guilty all along and now we’re scrambling to find a way to prevent whatever punishment is inevitably coming our way. Are we the bad guys in all this after all?”

After a few minutes of quiet self-reflection, Williams returned to tell us, “No, I’ve thought about it, and rather than accept this as the surest sign yet that we’re definitely guilty of financial irregularities, I’ll just jump into the comment threads on this post and pretend everyone else is just a sore loser.

“That’ll work.”