Instead of more leaders debates can we have a Thunderdome, ask voters

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In the wake of endless prevaricating over the format of the televised pre-election leaders debates, the nation has asked that the idea be dropped altogether and replaced by a one-off Thunderdome contest.

“It’s pretty clear they’re overly not keen on the current format,” said political commentator Simon Williams.

“The viewing figures for last night were pretty disappointing. Starmer clearly doesn’t want to debate Sunak. Sunak clearly doesn’t like any format that allows any questions. Farage just wants to be on anything at all as long as it’s televised.

“So how about we just stick them in a big scaffolding cage with a bunch of axes and swords and settle it that way?”

Focus groups have responded well to the suggestion, with a mocked-up image of Nigel Farage being chased around by a large fat man in a gimp mask with a chainsaw gaining over 97% approval ratings.

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Bookies have already begun offering odds on the outcome.

“Stephen Flynn looks like a scrapper, with a wiry Kung-Fu strength”, said a spokesman from ladbrokes.

“But you can’t rule out Ed Davey simply waving around a whopping great mallet and accidentally killing everyone. It’s probably too close to call.”

We asked Number 10 for comment and were told that the Prime Minister was regretfully too busy to take part in such an event, but that he’d be delighted to send Michael Gove in his place.

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