Nigel Farage supporters unhappy with milkshake jokes quietly asking themselves ‘Wait, are WE the snowflakes?’

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After social media filled with jokes following an incident in which Nigel Farage was once again covered in a milkshake, furious right-wing campaigners have been forced to ask themselves, ‘are we the real snowflakes?’

As hordes of people who steadfastly defend free speech when talking about jokes they agree with, suddenly started insisting that jokes about milkshakes are ‘an affront to democracy and advocate violence’, many have taken to quiet self-reflection to wonder if it is really themselves who are the ‘snowflake generation in desperate need of a safe space’.

After Nigel Farage was ‘milkshaked’ during a walkabout in Clacton where he is standing for election, and subsequently mocked by social media users, his supporters are insisting that jokes about Farage being covered in milkshake were a step too far.

Farage fan Simon Williams told us, “Hey, I’m all for jokes about not raping MPs, or jokes that liken Muslims to letterboxes, or about drowning migrants, but you can’t make jokes about election candidates I like being covered in milkshakes. That’s just offensive, and being offensive isn’t allowed.

“I mean, I know that when Keir Starmer was glittered during his conference speech last year he just took off his jacket, made a joke about it, and continued his conference address, but that’s just typical leftist behaviour – doing whatever they can to make us look bad.

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“The correct way to react to jokes about milkshakes being thrown at you is with your fists, calls for prison time, and with unhinged rhetoric that democracy is now over.

“In no way does me calling for an end to jokes about milkshakes being thrown at people I like mean I am now against free speech.

“Does it?”

Meanwhile, sensible people everywhere have pointed out that you can think throwing a milkshake at a frog-face moron herder is wrong, illegal, and also still quite funny.

As one such non-moron explained, “These are milkshakes, not bricks or bullets. The worst that’s happened to any so-called ‘victim’ is a badly bruised ego and a moderate dry cleaning bill.

“However, for the record, because some idiots will say this means I condone violence, I hope those throwing milkshakes are put through the legal system and face the appropriate punishment. But I would guess it’s also the funniest thing they will ever do.

“However, if you’re offended by someone making jokes about milkshakes being thrown at someone, then yes, you are the real snowflakes, sorry.”

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