I am allowed to change my mind monthly, claims man who insists the country can’t change its mind from eight years ago

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Nigel Farage has changed his mind again and decided to run for parliament, clearly demonstrating the principle that new information can lead to people feeling very differently about a significant political issue – but not that one, obviously.

As Farage announced his candidacy for the Clacton parliamentary seat and his return as leader of the Reform UK, just two weeks after publicly telling everyone he would be in the US campaigning for Trump instead, voters reacted with shock at his sheer brass neck.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Okay, so he can change his mind on huge issues of political importance whenever the circumstances change, but we can’t change our mind about something that was decided eight years ago? Is that right?

“How much new information do we need, and how much do our circumstances have to change before he’ll believe it’s legitimate for us to change our mind about Brexit? Tell me that.”

“The answer is never,” replied Farage.

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“The mistake you’ve made is in believing that my standing has anything to do with principle or belief in the democratic process, rather than me trying to maximise value for the private limited company I own and which masquerades as a political party.

“If you think of this move as me trying to make as much money as possible, and the Brexit vote as about me trying to make as much money as possible, then my decision-making is suddenly extremely consistent.

“It’s only when you think of it in terms of the democratic process that it starts looking problematic.

“And what sort of moron looks at things purely on the basis of democratic integrity?”

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