Brave free-speech enthusiast reacts to pride flag in shop window like a vampire confronted with a cross

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A man who bravely insists that free speech is the most fundamental aspect of any society, is today reacting like a vampire confronted by a cross whenever he sees a pride flag.

Simon Williams, who has fled all manner of shops and stores since pride month began, claims that his reaction to pride flags is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.

He told us, “Avoiding any and all businesses that choose to display a pride flag is not an example of cancel culture, which is just people trying to end things they don’t like, but of me choosing to withhold my business because that business doesn’t align perfectly with my personal values. It’s very different.

“If you can’t see how it’s different, then you probably don’t have a big brain like me.

“If I have to shop in ever more inconvenient places simply because I refuse to shop inside a store that won’t join me in ignoring the woke pride month, then so be it.

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“And yes, it’s incredibly inconvenient, and getting ever more inconvenient by the day. But this is a mission that simply can not fail, I have thousands of social media followers relying on me to show everyone that if you go woke, you go broke.

“Just like Nike, Disney and Anheuser Busch have all gone broke recently. I will take down my local Waitrose just like the rest of them.”

Meanwhile, many stores, bars and restaurants have begun hanging pride flags at the doors to their establishments in the hope of turning them into twat-free zones.