Man who spent three years screaming “Lock Her Up!” suddenly against the criminalisation of politicians

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Having high-profile politicians punished for their crimes is ‘un-American’ according to one Trump fan who spent almost three years screaming ‘Lock Her Up!’ on every social media platform.

After Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts of fraudulently recording payments tied to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, MAGA loons have now decided that criminally prosecuting your political opponents is a ‘bad thing’.

Florida resident Derek Matthews, who has spent the majority of 2016-2020 tirelessly chanting “Lock Her Up!” at Hillary Clinton, has come out vehemently against the criminalisation of politicians in the last 48 hours.

Williams, who proudly wore his “Hillary for Prison” T-shirt to every family gathering and work function until it began to disintegrate, now decries what he sees as the weaponisation of the justice system.

He told us, “This is an outrage! Using the courts to attack political figures is something you’d expect in a banana republic, not here in America!”

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When it was pointed out that using the legal system to attack political opponents was something he fully supported when it was Hillary Clinton in the firing line, he told us, “That was different.

“Hillary’s emails were a serious national security threat. But this stuff about paying off an adult-film star? Who really cares? Not me!”

Derek’s newfound concern for judicial integrity has bewildered his neighbours, many of whom remember his impassioned speeches about Clinton’s alleged crimes.

“Derek used to tell us that any politician who breaks the law should be locked up,” said next-door neighbour Margot Jenkins. “Now he’s insisting that it’s un-American to hold politicians accountable in a court of law.

Williams remains defiant when questioned on the potential hypocrisy of his position, telling us, “This is clearly a political hit job. Trump is innocent, and this is just another witch hunt. We need to focus on real issues, like investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

When asked if he saw any possible contradiction in his positions, Williams replied, “Of course not. Real patriots understand the difference between justice and persecution.

“Lock HER up, but leave HIM alone!”

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