Hillary Clinton hospitalised following dangerously prolonged laughing fit

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Hillary Clinton has been taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and remains in intensive care after a prolonged laughing fit left her clinging to life.

The hospital would only confirm that a 76-year-old woman was admitted at around 5:00 pm yesterday afternoon suffering from serious breathing complications.

“We received an emergency call at around 4:45 pm reporting a woman rolling around in convulsions of laughter which were preventing her from breathing properly,” a hospital source told us.

“A witness stated that the symptoms had started at approximately 4:40 pm, and had gotten progressively worse over the next fifteen minutes.

“We understand the woman had been undertaking her usual routine of sitting down to check the political news, and we believe this to be the cause of the debilitating fits of laughter.”

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A neighbour of Clinton said he saw the former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate receiving CPR from a friend in the front lawn of her garden, having earlier been seen skipping around and holding her sides while doubled up with convulsions.

They told us, “She could only get one word out at a time, it sounded like ‘lock… him… up..?’.

“I do hope she’s okay – the paramedics did look quite concerned as they treated her.

“That said, I’ve never seen anyone look so incredibly happy while being loaded into an ambulance.”

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