Premier League trophy engraver admits he has now perfected the asterisk symbol

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The engraver of the Premier League trophy has revealed that he has perfected the asterisk symbol, having added it to the trophy in six of the last seven years.

With Manchester City securing their fourth title in four seasons, engraver Simon Williams said he’s become as adept at the asterisk as he is at the number ‘2’.

Williams told us, “I’m getting pretty good at them actually.

“All engravers learn the letters and numbers, and even the odd symbol, but the asterisk is something I’d never needed before 2013. Since then, it feels like I’m adding one almost every season. 

“It was a bit of a strange request the first time around, as I usually just put the name of the winner on the trophy and the year, so it’s clear who won it any given year – and it normally requires no asterisk to signify anything. But now they just tell me to put Manchester City and an asterisk.

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“I’m not really sure why I would need to learn to carve an asterisk, to be honest, as I don’t really know about football, but hey, it’s what they asked for, so I’m making sure I can do it.

“They also asked how easy it would be to remove a name from the trophy. I’ve no idea why. Surely, if they didn’t want someone’s name on the trophy, it would be easier not to let them win it in the first place?”

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