Man at other urinal clearly had asparagus for lunch

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The man standing at urinal six at the other end of the bathroom had asparagus for lunch, it has been revealed. 

Simon Williams revealed that he had eaten asparagus earlier, after going to the bathroom in a pub where a total stranger came up to him whilst he was washing his hands and correctly guessed what he’d had for his lunch. 

Speaking earlier, he told us, “You know what – I DID have asparagus for lunch.

“I’m not even making it up. I had a massive portion of it as part of a starter and then took some of my wife’s as she doesn’t like it.

“Anyway, this fella just came up to me in the toilet and said he could guess what I’d eaten for lunch. And he only bloody got it right! I’ve no idea how he did it. It was like one of those Derren Brown programmes.

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“Or maybe I just had a bit of it in my teeth?

“Oh no, wait, he probably just saw me eating it, or maybe he’s a waiter here?”