King and Prince Harry unable to meet up due to hating each other

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King Charles and Prince Harry will not be able to meet up during Harry’s visit to the UK, due to them fucking hating each other.

With news emerging earlier that the King would not be able to meet his son due to other commitments, further news has now emerged that they will actually not be meeting up because they want to punch each other in the face.  Really hard.

A spokesperson for the Palace confirmed “The King and Prince Harry will unfortunately not be able to meet up during Harry’s visit to the UK due to absolutely fucking loathing each other at the moment.

“Obviously it would have made sense for Prince Harry to spend a small bit of time with his father, who has cancer, whilst he was in the country.

“But they really fucking hate each other and would rather poke themselves in the eye, or eat a bowl of shit, to be honest.

“That’s why they have decided to pretend that they are really busy, for 24 hours a day, throughout the next few days, with no possibility of even spending an extra couple of days here or something normal like that.”

Asked if Harry would be able to visit Prince William if his father was ‘too busy’ we were told “Unfortunately not I’m afraid.  They fucking hate each other.”