Sadiq Khan’s London on verge of becoming entirely free of grifting arseholes

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Newly re-elected London mayor Sadiq Khan could soon find his city entirely free of grifting arseholes, after the likes of Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton said they would be forced to leave London following his re-election on Saturday.

In the mistaken belief that the city has ‘fallen’, Fox and Wootton are among the many low-information agitators telling their followers that they plan to leave London’s capital.

“This is wonderful news,” explained Londoner Simon Williams.

“What we have here is a case of a contrarian moron-herder who seemingly only exists to find new things to be offended by. Today it’s the democratic process.

“Yes, London has many problems, like any major city in any part of the world, but soon the risk of bumping into a grifting arsehole won’t be one of them.

“Laurence will no doubt pretend he’s leaving the city because Sadiq Khan won the election, but we all know it’s really because he’s having to sell everything to fund all of the legal cases he keeps on losing.

“Or maybe it’s because he only got 0.5% of the vote in his campaign for the London Assembly despite his huge profile and taking out front page newspaper ads in London itself?

“Either way, he says he’s going, and I think I speak for the other 99.5% of Londoners who didn’t vote for him when I say ‘yay!’.

“And if his followers want to follow him out, then great. Can you imagine being able to wander around our nation’s capital, safe in the knowledge that you definitely won’t bump into the sort of twat who thinks Laurence Fox is right about anything?”