Tory social media commentator suffers dislocated shoulder after reaching to spin results as ‘good night for Tories’

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A Tory Twitter commentator has been taken to hospital with a severely dislocated shoulder after trying to spin the local election results as “not particularly bad” for the Tories.

“I think I just got a bit overconfident, to be honest,” explained Simon Williams, who appears to earn a reasonable living from tweeting about how good the Conservatives are, despite all observable evidence to the contrary.

“I’d been making a few claims that red wall results weren’t that good for Labour, which was a stretch, but not too bad. As someone who does a lot of spinning, I can handle that sort of stretch without too much of a problem.”

However, when Mr Williams tried a more ambitious spin, it proved a little too much for his rotator cuff.

“It was when I tried to pull off a particularly difficult spin about how a mayoral race in Rishi Sunka’s constituency going to Labour wasn’t really that bad because it had been skewing Labour for a few years anyway. I think that was just too ambitious and I felt something ‘go’ at the top of my arm.

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“I guess it should be a lesson that there are some spins that are just too awkward and ambitious to pull off without doing yourself a serious mischief.”

Mr Williams refused to make any comments about the Westminster loss to Labour for fear he makes his situation worse.