Rishi Sunak warns of ‘dangerous precedent’ if leaders have to resign simply because they can no longer govern effectively

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Humza Yousaf has resigned as first minister of the Scottish Parliament, leaving Rishi Sunak to warn of a dangerous precedent if politicians must resign simply because they can’t effectively do their job.

With Sunak under increasing pressure from both sides of the house, and facing a 20-point deficit in the poll, he is keen to ensure that everyone believes being an ineffective leader is no barrier to remaining a leader.

Sunak told reporters, “What Humza has done is extremely irresponsible. Does he not realise that there are political leaders out there now who will be asked endless questions about their fitness for leadership simply because he has resigned for being an ineffective leader?

“Anyway, the difference between us is stark, Humzah was disliked by people on his side of the political divide, and those who vehemently oppose his ideas, where as I am merely disliked by those who vehemently oppose my ideas and those on my side of the political divide.

“We must fight back against the tyranny of resignations by the ineffective, otherwise we could face the scourge of leadership only by those who are both popular and good enough at their job to secure the support of the people who work with them.

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“Then where will we be?”