Man left frightened and confused by ‘incoming call’ on smartphone

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An incoming call caused bafflement and terror for 33-year-old Simon Williams, an IT service desk engineer at Oakey, Catherall and Sulley Insurance Ltd.

“It was just a normal day at work,” said Mr Williams.

“I was playing Wordle on the bog, and my legs had gone to sleep, so I was about to go back to my desk and start watching old episodes of Thundercats on Youtube when my phone just went mad.”

It was a traumatic moment for Mr Williams.

“I was just standing there, with my pants down, and my phone was flashing and making this awful noise, I figured it must have been hacked, or maybe the government was sending out some sort of alert.”

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Mr Williams adjusted his dress and ran out into the office. Colleague Eleanor Gay takes up the story.

“Si, he just came running out of the toilets in a frenzy,” she said.

“I figured he’d had one of those miraculous one-guess Wordle rounds, but I could see he was a bit confused, and his phone was making this really weird noise.”

With the help of Ms Gay, they got the situation under control.

“Well, it stopped making the noise, and we looked into it and found it was something called an ‘incoming call’.

“Apparently, you can use a smartphone to actually talk to other people. Who knew? I thought it was just for Whatsapp, Facebook and porn.”

Mr Williams has now found the ‘mute’ function and should remain untroubled by further incoming calls.