Audi and BMW in desperate battle to release most arrogant autonomous vehicle

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Audi and BMW are engaged in a fierce battle to release the most arrogant and obnoxious self-driving vehicle.

With self-driving cars set to be allowed on UK roads by 2026, the race is on between Audi and BMW to release the most annoying and arrogant version of a self-driving car possible, capable of driving right up people’s arses unaided.

Simon Williams for revealed, “This is going to be some battle.

“Everyone knows that Audi drivers like to drive around like idiots with a self-importance that they believe justifies driving millimetres from the person in front of them, regardless of the speed they are travelling.

“And let’s face it, BMW drivers are exactly the same, although more of a traditional arrogant driver, looking down on you like you are a shit they’ve stepped in as they undertake you at speed.

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“So their respective designers will have had to adapt the cars to behave like a prick, even when driving unaided by their human owners.

“Much of the work will be simple, like driving at 40mph whenever they see a school, or never letting people out of side roads, or a complete lack of indication whenever they decide to turn.

“But it’s getting the consistency that will win the overall battle, and it’s just too close to call in terms of which car will ultimately become the biggest twat on British roads.”

Asked who will make the final judgement over which car is the most arrogant we were told, “Jeremy fucking Clarkson, obviously.”