Why me arbitrarily giving verification to notable Twitter users is good, but the last regime arbitrarily giving verification to notable Twitter users was bad, by Elon Musk

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This past quarter has been a tremendous success for Twitter. The verification process has moved to the next stage of its evolution, where I get to pick and choose who I deem worthy of verification, and this is obviously a very good thing.

Last year we removed the legacy verification checkmarks, because they were nothing more than a sign you were deemed worthy by the previous corrupt regime, and now I have begun in earnest the important process of reinstating blue check marks for the users I have deemed worthy.

Now, critics will say I am only doing this because the verification badge has become so devalued, and that sporting one on your profile is now a badge of dishonour rather than something indicating your verified status. This could not be further from the truth – I am just trying to share the love, it’s just that curtailing attempts to block all verified users is simply a nice side effect. After all, how can you block everyone with a blue tick if I’ve given the blue tick to lots of accounts you really enjoy following?

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My new verification process is very different to the one used by the previous regime. They would simply look at an account, and who they represent, then ask for some evidence of who they were and then give them a verification badge based on that evidence. It was completely open to abuse and led to thousands of people being verified just because of the job they did, or who they worked for, or some value judgement on their expertise in a particular field, or if they were prone to being impersonated.

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Today, it is different. Now there are only two ways you can get verified on Twitter; if you pay me $8 a month. Or you don’t pay $8 a month, but I want it to look like you do.

Checkmate Libs.

People will say I am merely replicating the old process that I said was open to corruption, but ask yourself this; if this WAS a mistake, or the desperate move of a hypocrite trying to claw back the many billions he’d wasted on a platform that mostly despises him, then why would the comments under my Tweets be so full of verified users telling me how wonderful I am?

Checkmate Libs.

So, if you still want to be verified on the new Twitter, remember, you can either be a credulous moron willing to give me $8 a month, or be important enough that your verification will help me convince credulous morons to give me $8 a month.

Checkmate Libs.