Lee Anderson reveals incredible new poll which shows 100% of Ashfield residents in his house will vote for Reform UK

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Ashfield’s very own moron-herder, and the nation’s only Reform UK MP, Lee Anderson, has revealed the shocking results of a new poll which point to him winning a stunning re-election victory.

Posting the poll results to Twitter, Anderson revealed that he was delighted to see the strength of support for his re-election campaign among his constituents.

The poll, which suggested 100% of Ashfield residents in his living room would vote for him in the general election, leaves his political opponents tied in a distant race for second place with zero per cent.

He told those on Twitter, “Extremely encouraging polling carried out in an Ashfield living room this evening.

“This is a sample of just over 4 voters in Ashfield, but already we can see the strength of feeling.

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“I will take nothing for granted and fight for every vote.”

When questioned about the veracity of a poll which only asked the opinions of people sat on the sofa watching TV with him in his house, Anderson merely blamed the “wokerati” for dismissing any results that “don’t align nicely with the views of the metropolitan elite”.

He went on, “This is typical of their woke nonsense, shouting down any opinion they don’t agree with, simply because I ran a poll which only asked the people in my living room who they were voting for.”

Reform UK political strategist Simon Williams told us, “Sure, I get it. In terms of the democratic process, this isn’t a great look, but honestly, it’s miles better than the last poll he shared, in which 35% of the people on his OWN mailing list said they weren’t going to vote for him.”