After ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ loses £1m, ITV urged to check if their bookkeeping software is made by Fujitsu

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ITV has announced that its hugely successful TV drama, ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office,’ was far from a commercial success. It lost about a million pounds, resulting in many viewers urging them to check the software that gave them that figure.

ITV said that despite the critical success and huge media coverage of the show, it had still lost money because, according to their systems, the amount of money coming in for it was less than the amount of money going out.

“We’ve been here before,” explained TV owner Simon Williams.

“I don’t want to tell the people at ITV how to do their jobs, but if someone at ITV is about to lose their job over this million-pound loss, then I’d tell them to hang tight and get a good forensic IT expert on the phone.

“It just doesn’t pass the smell test, does it? This massively popular TV show, watched by millions, discussed over the water cooler by millions more, a show that literally made the government bring in new legislation, actually lost money?

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“No, this has IT incompetence written all over it.”

ITV’s only official comment to date is that “our financial systems are robust.” Which has obviously put everyone’s mind at rest.