Man quietly sings ‘fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’ whilst putting jam on his scone first

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Local Rebel Simon Williams is channelling the spirit of anti-authoritarian rock by rejecting social norms and putting the jam on his scone first, it has emerged today.

Simon, who is sticking it to the man, has heard what normies and bluepilled people say about putting the cream on first, and has forged his own path of independent thinking.

Singing “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”, Simon is also using raspberry jam instead of strawberry – further outraging mainstream morality.

“It’s just how I roll,” Simon declared, brushing crumbs from his rebellious beard.

“Why must we be slaves to the Cornish method? Why not the Devon way, or better yet, the Simon way? I’m a free-thinker, a maverick. I’m here to shake things up.”

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This isn’t the first time Simon has bucked tradition. Reports indicate that last Christmas, he audaciously paired fish with red wine, and during a BBQ last summer, opted for an IPA over the traditional lager, each time murmuring Rage Against the Machine’s anti-establishment lyrics under his breath.

Critics argue that Simon’s revolutionary stance could lead to anarchy, with one gastronomic purist claiming, “Today it’s scones with jam first, but tomorrow who knows? People welcoming pineapple on their pizza?”

However, the day did not end well for Williams after he was cornered by a horde of angry purists and roundly beaten following the discovery that he puts the milk in the cup with his teabag before the hot water.