Games Workshop further outrages fans by changing name of Corpse Starch to Snickers

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Games Workshop have added to recent controversy in the popular Warhammer 40K line by changing the name of a well-established foodstuff to Snickers, it has emerged.

Games Workshop’s product lines have deep and complex backstories – or ‘lore’ – which fans are extremely attached to, and so making Commissar Cain enthusiastically munch down on something other than his favourite Soylens Viridians has provoked anger on the internet.

“Look”, fan Simon Williams told us. “If you want to change the backstory, that’s fine, but have a good backstory rather than just telling us that the Corpse Guild have always made Snickers when that’s clearly not what it says in the Necromunda backstory.

“Maybe Belisarius Cawl could have improved on ten thousand years of product marketing with a new brand and packaging, or an agent of the Silent King could have changed the manufacturing process on one of the Hive Worlds to an ancient and secret C’tan recipe.

“But just changing a major piece of established lore for global marketing reasons is stupid. Nobody will ever accept it.

“Yes, I’ve bought six, why do you ask?”