Brave patriot highlights his love of country and St George by hurling traffic cone at policeman

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Lovers of St George have gathered in London to express their patriotism using their preferred communication medium of mindless thuggery and violence.

With police reporting that dozens of brave patriots have marched on central London, those keenest to express their love of St George chose to articulate those views by throwing cans, bottles and even a few punches, at police.

St George fan and self-proclaimed freedom-loving patriot Simon ‘Dave’ Williams told us, “We felt that we needed to come to London to show everyone how much we love this country – and St George – and the best way to show this is by throwing sticks at police and being photographed doing Hitler salutes.

“It’s important we get the message out there, and the message is that this is the best country in the world, that message will be tied to whatever we can lift before being thrown in the direction of the line of police who have come to ensure we don’t do precisely the things we are doing.

“How else can we demonstrate our love of this country, if not by throwing and breaking things?”

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Another told us, “I wanted to throw a car to show how much I love St George, but it turns out I can’t throw a car – which is disappointing and frustrating.

“So I expressed my anger at not being able to throw the car, by kicking it instead. That car is now under no illusions that I will not stand idly by while people I’ve hallucinated question my love of St George.

“Checkmate liberals.”

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