North Korea celebrates Earth Day by not turning lights on for 72nd successive year

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North Korea has celebrated Earth Day by not turning any lights on for the 26,280th day in a row.

Supreme Leader Kim Jung-un praised the courage and indefatigability of himself in ensuring the North Korean people don’t engage with capitalist, western ideas like light bulbs and cooked meals.

He also confirmed he had further reduced North Korean carbon emissions by having underlings carry him to breakfast this morning rather than being driven there as usual.

“The Supreme Leader is once against demonstrating to the world the superiority of the North Korean philosophy of self-sufficiency, or Juche,” said a written government statement.

“If we can get power to the TV studio later today, the Dear Leader will be making a speech praising the strength of the global revolution.

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“So, fingers crossed, we can get the hamster shifting in his wheel.”

Environmentalist groups have praised the example of the North Korean leadership in reducing carbon emissions and urged other countries to adopt their progressive, Green economic policies in order to prevent climate change.

The spokesman went on to point out that if people in North Korea want to read after dark, there is plenty of light pollution from the decadent, capitalist South Korean capital of Seoul, just over the border.