“My patience has been tested and I am now considering my options” explains 11-year-old grounded by parents

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11-year-old Jake Williams has publicly announced that he is considering his options following what he sees as a disgraceful parenting performance at the weekend.

Williams was grounded after allegedly missing curfew on both Saturday AND Sunday, leaving his parents with no choice but to award a two-week grounding.

“How they missed the fact that I told them I’d be a bit late on Sunday, I’ll never know. I told them I was going to the park on my bike and that Henry is allowed out till 7pm so I should be allowed out till 7pm, but they just ignored me and said I had to be home at 6pm for dinner, like normal. But I said I wouldn’t be back till 7pm, and that’s what really counts.

“My patience has been tested yet again. Even though I told them what was going to happen before the weekend, they ignored me. So what choice did I have but to publicly explain that I’m considering my options?”

Jake’s father, Simon, told us, “His options are to quit whining like a whiny little bitch, or to carry on whining like a whiny little bitch. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

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“Where he gets this ridiculous idea that he has ‘options’, I’ll never know. It’s not like he can pack a bag and move to another family. While he’s under our roof, he’ll live by our rules, and if he doesn’t like them, tough.

“He can have a good old moan about how unfair it all is – which might increase his punishment – or he can learn that the world is an unforgiving place, and that dealing with things you think are unfair without sounding like a whining child is actually a life skill.

“Some grown-ups still struggle with it.”