‘My child won’t have a smartphone until they are sixteen’ insists man who will definitely cave in at eleven

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A man has insisted today that his child will definitely not be allowed a smartphone until they are sixteen years old, despite the fact that he will definitely buy them a smartphone when they eleven years old, or maybe even ten.

Simon Williams, who currently has a four-year-old toddler, made his untrue claim earlier after seeing some teenagers with smartphones and insisting that his child will be different, and he definitely won’t allow it, even though he definitely will.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “My four-year-old daughter doesn’t even want a smartphone, so it will be easy.

“I can categorically state that I will not buy my child a smartphone until they are sixteen years old. Definitely. Without a doubt.

“You just have to be strong with these kids, and tell them in no uncertain terms, ‘no’.  It’s called parenting, guys. You should try it.

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“Like how I refuse to allow my toddler to go on the iPad.  Except for those times when I fancy some peace and quiet, obviously.  Or if we are in a restaurant. Or on a plane. Or in the car. Or at home first thing in the morning for a bit because they woke up early, or the odd hour in bed because they can’t sleep.

“But other than that, I stand completely firm. Because that’s parenting guys. It’s not always easy being the bad guy, but sometimes you have to be.”

Asked what he might do if every single one of his daughter’s friends has a smartphone, and she is just starting high school at eleven, we were told, “Well, I suppose that might be a bit harsh, actually.  But she is not allowed on it all the time, I’m telling you.”