Judge offers to let Donald Trump attend his son’s High School graduation, if he can pick him out of a line-up

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A New York judge has reportedly offered Trump a one-day reprieve from his fraud trial to attend his son Barron’s High School Graduation – on the condition that he successfully identifies him in a police-style line-up.

The former president, currently embroiled in a courtroom drama over alleged hush-money payments to a porn star for a liaison that occurred while his third wife was pregnant with Barron, expressed a burning desire to attend his youngest son’s high school graduation.

The judge, clearly moved by Trump’s sudden paternal enthusiasm, laid out a unique challenge: Trump could skip a day of the trial to attend the graduation, if he could pick out his son, Barron, from a group of similar-looking high school seniors.

“This may be the toughest recognition test Mr Trump has ever faced, and that includes recognising foreign leaders at summits,” explained political analyst Chuck Williams.

“I imagine his team hasn’t been this nervous since the time he had to pronounce the African nation of ‘Niger’ on live television.”

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Courtroom insiders report that the lineup will consist of several teenagers, all roughly the same height and build as Barron, each sporting a variety of hairstyles from ‘mildly rebellious’ to ‘Mom approved.’

Meanwhile, the public has taken to social media to place bets on whether Trump will mistakenly select a mop as his progeny, or perhaps a cardboard cutout of himself, noting that both have been more present in Barron’s life than his globe-trotting, rally-holding father.

As for the former president, he seemed confident about his ability to pick Barron out of a line-up, telling reporters, “I have a great relationship with all my children. Don, Ivanka, the other one. The other girl.

“And I’ve seen Barron’s photos, so I’ll definitely be the best at picking him out of a line-up!”