Brexiter annoyed by people pointing out that thing they were told ‘would happen’ is now ‘happening’

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After the Telegraph revealed a £2bn bill for UK consumers following the introduction of post-Brexit border checks, Brexit supporters are furious that people keep pointing out that the things they were told would happen if we voted to leave the EU are now actually happening.

As a new study showed UK consumers would face price rises of up to £2bn for products imported from the EU, due to extra regulatory checks and paperwork that wasn’t needed inside the single market, millions of non-Brexit voters have sighed, “Told you so.”

“When the Brexit team talked about having open trade borders, and the claimed checks on goods we’d need were ‘Project Fear’, I just shrugged and told them ‘I’ll be proven right’. And here I am, being proven right.

“It was inevitable because under WTO rules, if we have no checks from the EU, then we have to have no checks for any country importing the same goods here. And if our borders are open and there are no checks, what is the advantage to them signing a trade deal? And if there is no advantage to them signing a trade deal, how would we get our good to them under the same terms? It was all very logical, but they refused to see it. Still, we’re being proven right now, just like we knew we always would be.

“They’ve kicked this down the road as long as they could, but now the checks need to come in. And these checks will slow things down at the border while driving up costs for the good we all enjoy. Quelle surprise. If only we’d known.

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“Oh, that’s right. We did.”

Meanwhile, most Brexit supporters have taken to putting their fingers in their ears and shouting, “Lalalalala, I can’t hear you!”

One who was willing to talk to us was staunch Brexiter, Derek Williams. He told us, “I don’t need to look at the news or read a newspaper because we won and you need to get over it.

“Things are only getting worse because you keep saying they’re getting worse – there is no other possible explanation for it! Things don’t get worse because of the underlying economic conditions; they get worse because people keep talking about it on social media and in the news!

“I don’t care if this is exactly what the experts said would happen if we voted to leave the EU; experts don’t know anything!

“You’re all just a bunch of whiney losers reading reports and economic assessments because you don’t like that you lost, you big fat losing losers!”

However, some Brexit supporters have said their own economic indicators show we’re doing just fine, thank you very much.

As one explained, “You can use ‘figures’ to prove anything; look, I’ve just written on this paper that the UK is better off outside the EU, so there.

“End of.”

Project Fear (now known as Project Told You So)