Man from Manchester gets his 10,000 daily steps in by walking to platform 14 at Piccadilly

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Local man Simon Williams has managed his recommended 10,000 steps today by walking from the main concourse to platform 14 at Manchester Piccadilly Station.

The walk, which took longer than he cares to remember, began a little after 8am this morning with him bidding farewell to his girlfriend at platform two and wishing her well if they never saw each other again.

He told us, “It was emotional, but sometimes a man has to really push the limits of his body, and getting all the way to platform 14 – and then having to work out which end is A and which is B whilst suffering the effects of exhaustion and dehydration – is a feat equivalent to Shackleton making it to South Georgia in the Antarctic winter.

“I’m not saying I’m fit, but I got all the way there without using the travelator, or stopping for a break at the Costa,” he boasted.

“I’m still feeling the burn, but my calves will be like rock so it’s worth it.”

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However, London man William Simons said that’s nothing because he changes from the Northern Line to the Metropolitan at Bank twice a day, which qualifies him for the next series of Who Dares Wins.