‘You can’t say anything these days’ insists man saying exactly what he thinks, every single day

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A 40-year-old man from Cheshire has claimed that his right to free speech is being curtailed in a world overrun by ‘liberal woke lefties’, despite being perfectly comfortable expressing whatever opinion comes into his head, to anyone he like, at any time of his choosing. 

Simon Williams made the comment in response to a chorus of disapproval on his Facebook page, when he suggested that people who want to claim benefits should be neutered.

When he realised the post was being widely condemned and even his own niece felt compelled to comment and ask him to take it down, he angrily declared, “You can’t say anything these days.” 

His niece, 23-year-old Sociology and Politics student Ivy-May Williams said, “When I pointed out that he has just said whatever he likes, quite openly, and without any fear of persecution or serious consequences – which means his freedom of speech is entirely intact – he got even more pissed off.

“My uncle seems to think that people not liking what he has to say is the same as not being allowed to say it… even though he does say it, and keeps saying it, to anyone who will listen. And also to some of those who won’t.”

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Simon’s next-door neighbour, Dave, agrees, “Simon keeps banging on about not having freedom of speech – but somehow we are all perfectly aware of all of his opinions on literally everything – from immigration and trans rights to Gregg’s vegan sausage rolls.

“For someone who supposedly can’t say anything these days, he sure does say an awful lot.”

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