6-year-old Palestinian girl joins aid agency in hope the West will care when Israel blows her up

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6-year-old Gaza resident, Laila Al-Hamad, has officially joined the ranks of the World Central Kitchen, in the hope the West will give more of a shit when Israel inevitably blows her up.

This decision comes after the recent widespread Western outcry following Israel’s lethal drone strike on seven Western aid workers, contrasting sharply with the muted response to the thousands of Gazan civilians lost in similar incidents.

Laila, who can barely tie her shoelaces but now dons a miniature aid worker’s vest, stated, “I figured if I can’t get the West to care about my plight, I might as well join an organisation they do care about.

“At least this way, if I get blown up, I’ll probably trend on Twitter for a day or two.”

Her strategic move into the humanitarian field is seen by many as the only viable path to ensuring Western nations’ hearts and hashtags momentarily align in complete solidarity with Gazan children.

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Upon hearing the news of Laila’s new job, one Twitter user commented, “It’s truly inspiring how these children, in the face of such adversity, find ways to ensure we will only care about them when it’s absolutely unavoidable.”

Meanwhile, Derek Williams, a 50-year-old plumber from South London who believes Israel has the right to do whatever it feels like, told us, “You think this will work? Palestinians joining aid agencies basically turns all of those aid agencies into nothing more than Hamas cells.”