Man who said killing children is the worst thing a human being can do, pretty comfortable with ongoing plan to starve them

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A man who reacted with horror after learning the Hamas attack on Israel left many children dead, has today reiterated his support of the ongoing plan that is starving the children who live in roughly the same area as Hamas terrorists.

Derek Matthews, 52, told us, “Killing Israeli children is the worst thing Hamas could ever do. Evil doesn’t even come close to covering it. Anyone who even considers harming children deserves no place on this earth.

“That’s why I fully support any plan that starves children who, through no fault of their own, happen to live near people in the Hamas organisation.

“Because in my mind, harming those children is very different to Hamas harming those other children. And the reason is ‘because’.

“Just, ‘because’. No, I don’t feel I have to add to it, and no, I’m not willing to entertain questions on the matter. If you keep asking then you’re just being antisemitic.”

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Meanwhile, non-simpletons have been left outraged at the barbarism on display across the Israel/Palestine region.

Simon Williams told us, “Harming children is the worst thing any human being can do to another. Whether that is storming their schools with guns and bombs, or laying siege to their neighbourhoods and slowly starving them. Both are equally depraved and evil.

“Believing anything else just leads to you into thinking that some children are more valuable than others, and those sorts of thoughts do not take you anywhere good, trust me.

“Calling out evil acts, even if they’re done in the name of something you believe is ‘right’, is the responsibility of every non-moron on the planet.

“Because trust me, a cursory look at social media reveals that there are plenty of morons currently going around defending the indefensible.

“So we don’t need any more of them, thanks.”