Naked Attraction TV spin-off ‘Skinless Attraction’ sees flayed contestants compete for dates

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Channel 4 has announced a spin-off of its popular Naked Attraction dating show.

Skinless Attraction will feature contestants having all their skin removed and competing with each other to go out on a date.

“In 2016, Naked Attraction was shocking, it was dangerous. A dating show where everyone’s got their bits out? People were freaked,” explained producer Simon Williams.

“But this is the future, everything is different. People are naked at least twice a day. It’s just not that shocking any more. There is barely a type of fanny or knob that the public hasn’t already seen at least once on national television.

“We needed to push the boundaries even further, and if we’re pushing the boundaries on from taking off all your clothes, where do you go from there? Taking off all your skin, that’s where you go.”

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The show will begin with a montage of all the contestants being surgically flayed. It will then move into the studio where their bodies are slumped, bloody and unconscious, in boxes made of tinted glass.

A unskinned contestant is then introduced and they will go on to eliminate the other contestants one-by-one as more and more of their flayed bodies are slowly revealed.

When there is only one flayed contestant left, they are declared the winner and the contestant who selected them is themselves flayed.

The unconscious, skinless couple are then thrown together in the boot of a car and deposited on the doorstep of a Wimpy where they will have their date.

“We’re looking at Davina or Dermot for a presenter or, at the very least, someone who looks quite like them.”

Skinless Attraction will debut early next year and will play out so late on Fridays that everyone will be drunk enough to think this sort of thing is fine.