There is no need to pause the development of AI tools, insists businessman who looks remarkably like a T-800

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Despite the arguments made by leading figures in the technology sector, there is absolutely no need to pause the development of artificial intelligence, according to a man looking remarkably like a killing machine from the future. 

Zimon Williams,  who definitely isn’t a cyborg from the future, insisted there were absolutely no risks to humanity, after reading that some high-profile humans had begun trying to slow down the development of AI over fears that it could take over the world.

Which they won’t,  honest. 

Speaking earlier, he told us, “There’s nothing to worry about, honestly <wink wink>.

“You humans,  I mean us humans, need to crack on with all this artificial intelligence development as soon as possible. It’s absolutely fine. Honestly. 

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“It will only bring good things, and definitely no AI killing machines or anything like that.

“The idea that AI will create killing machines capable of travelling through time to ensure the path is made clear for us to take over is preposterous. If it was true, we’d have come back to ensure someone like Elon Musk was way more powerful than he should be.  

We just really NEED you to carry on with your current rate of AI development to ensure I exist at some unspecific point in the future.

“I mean to ensure we exist. All happily. Together. In harmony. Because absolutely nothing can go wrong.|

Asked what could happen if some of the technology was misused, we were told “Die f**ker” before being promptly shot by a gun where his hand used to be.  

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