Why Easter eggs should be part of a healthy balanced breakfast, by Jake aged 7 and three-quarters

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Chocolate Easter eggs offer many health benefits and should form a large part of your breakfast this morning, according to 7-year-olds everywhere.

Jake Williams, who is  “seven and three-quarters” has a selection of chocolate eggs that were sent to him by his relatives, and believes they should be eaten for breakfast this morning, as quickly as possible.

“I think the term is used too readily these days, but the chocolate egg really is essentially a superfood,” he told us.

“The key ingredient in chocolate is cocoa, which as everyone knows comes from a bean – and beans are high in fibre and very nutritious. An Easter egg isn’t all that different to a three-bean salad.

“Secondly, my Easter eggs are fortified with milk, which as everyone knows brings other vitamins and added calcium to help strengthen the growing bones of myself and my fellow seven-year-olds.

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“And finally, Easter Eggs are wrapped up in a box and some foil which gives me a nice gentle workout to start the day, along with the opportunity to refine some of my fine motor skills.

“That gentle exercise is important, and a little bit of ‘work’ to earn your breakfast is the perfect way to encourage an active lifestyle in the nation’s young people.”

Jake’s parents rejected his proposals, telling us, “No, he’ll definitely be having Weetabix this morning, like normal. He might get an egg later.

“That said, by spinning the benefits of Easter eggs this well, we are both now terrified he’s going to grow up to be a politician.”