Man graduates from ‘casual sex’ to ‘smart-casual sex’ by wearing a polo shirt the whole time

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A man has made the jump from casual sex to smart-casual sex.

Simon Williams, 32, had previously had casual sex by hooking up with women on Tinder.

“But now I do it in a polo shirt, which makes it smart-casual, and therefore much better,” said Williams.

“I mean, I still don’t call them the next day, but when I choose to not call, I’m doing it in a pair of red chinos and brown leather shoes.

“I’ve thought about formal sex, but that would require a tie, and that’s a bit too much effort for a Tinder hookup.

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“Somehow I felt even more naked wearing something on my top half but nothing on my bottom half, but I got used to it. I’m sure I looked tremendous.”

Hayley Rice, 29, said, “Simon refused to remove his polo shirt, insisting that our rutting remain smart-casual.

“Being mounted by a man wearing nothing but a polo shirt put me in mind of Donald Duck, which severely inhibited my chances of reaching orgasm.”