Emily Thornberry criticises Nike’s St George’s cross after someone hangs it from a council house window

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Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry has today waded into the Nike St George’s cross controversy, after seeing it hung from the window of a council house in a marginal seat.

A Labour source told us, “Like most of the country, she thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous. It’s a small and relatively insignificant change that wouldn’t have been noticed by 99% of the country, if not for the media furore and the usual outrage from the perpetually offended right-wing snowflake brigade.

“But then she saw it hanging from the window of a council house, and felt compelled to take a photo of it and use it to illustrate everything that is wrong with the electorate, and by association, Nike.

“From that point on she decided she really didn’t like the new cross and that Nike had made a grave error.

“People change their minds about stuff all the time, it’s no big deal.

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“No, it isn’t, shut up.”

Meanwhile, distraught homeowner Simon Williams was horrified to learn that by hanging the flag, he is now ‘woke’.

He told us, “Oh God, I had no idea! I’ll be using gender-neutral toilets next!”