Inflation back up to 25% as UK forced to use Pret for lunch instead of Greggs

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Inflation has risen again dramatically in the UK today after the nation was forced to use Pret and Philpotts for lunch instead of Greggs.

With news emerging earlier that Greggs has had to close outlets around the UK, inflation immediately increased due to the cost of food for customers having to spend approximately a tenner on their lunch, instead of just over two quid on a lovely sausage roll and a donut.

The Office of National Statistics confirmed the inflationary rise after swapping Greggs for Pret in the basket of typical goods used to calculate national price rises.

Greggs customer Simon Williams from Bury told us, “I’m going to be skint for the month if they don’t fix this tomorrow.

“I love a visit to Greggs for my lunch, or even a bacon butty in the morning, mainly because it’s cheap, and absolutely gorgeous.

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“Obviously I don’t really want to know what’s actually in the sausage rolls because I really like the taste, and nothing good can come of that knowledge. I like them, and they are cheap, so let’s just say there is ‘some’ real meat in there and crack on shall we?

“But now I have to go elsewhere for my lunch, to the Pret a Manger place across the road, and it costs a frigging fortune.

“My outgoings on food have already gone up 140% for the week, and it’s only been a day.”

Asked what he may do if the IT issue at Greggs is not fixed by the end of the week, we were told, “I’m going to have to cancel a holiday I think.  Seriously, have you seen the cost of a meal deal at Pret?”