Joe Biden is so bad at managing the economy he even made ME look too poor to get a bond, insists Donald Trump

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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has today launched a stinging attack on President Biden by insisting the latter’s mismanagement of the economy is the main reason the self-proclaimed billionaire can’t afford a bond to appeal his $460m dollar fine in the state of New York.

After Trump’s lawyers told the court that securing a bond of the required size was “practically impossible”, the former President went on to explain how it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

He told reporters, “I am incredibly successful, and worth many billions of dollars, but in the Joe Biden economy I am considered too risky to give a $460m bond.

“Sure, some people might assume a man worth billions of dollars could easily put up four-hundred and sixty million as collateral to appeal, but because of Joe Bidenomics, he can’t.

“Under a Trump presidency, people like me would have companies falling over themselves to cover my bond, definitely. They’d be fighting to cover my bond, because it would be no risk whatsoever.

“But Biden is bad for business. He’s bad for billionaires, he’s bad for bond providers, he’s bad for Americans who all want me to appeal and win – and I will win by the way – so we need to vote him out quickly.

“In the meantime, if you know someone willing to lend me $460m for a few months, have them call my office.”

Meanwhile political commentators have been left amused by developments, with one telling us, “He got fined $460m in the first place because he lied about the value of his assets, and now he can’t get a bond because no insurance company will trust the value of his assets.

“It’s actually kind of beautiful.”