Of course that photo was edited, insists every parent of three young children with precisely zero photos of them ALL smiling at the camera

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Any parent with three young children has explained that of course Kate’s photo was edited, given it has three kids aged 10 and under all looking directly at the camera at the same time, and smiling.

Kate has come in for some intense criticism for editing her photo digitally, but has been defended by parents of small children who regularly have no choice but to do the same

Father-of-three Simon Williams told us, “My own kids are 8, 6, and 4, and I have precisely zero original photos of all three of them looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. I have photos of all three of them; sometimes they are all looking at the camera, sometimes they are all smiling, but never are all three of them doing both at the same time.

“I knew that photo she shared was faked the moment it was released. I’d have much more sympathy for her if she shared other takes where Louis has his finger up his nose, or George is pulling Charlotte’s hair because he knows she’ll react angrily, or where Kate is screaming at William, ‘Did you get it!? Did you fucking get it!?!’.

“They either spent an entire day, and thousands of photos, trying to get that one perfect shot, or they took a handful over about five minutes and then tried to stitch the best bits together – which is precisely what every other family with numerous children is forced to do.

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“I’ve photoshopped mine into something resembling a ‘happy family’ multiple times. Last time, my 8-year-old said he’d only smile if I used Photoshop to make his face green like the Hulk, so I promised just to get the shot in the moment, but then left it natural in the photo that we put in the hall. He then went round the house with a felt tip and coloured his face green in every photo we have – to teach me a lesson about keeping my promises, apparently.

“So yeah, she definitely edited it. The only thing she should be criticised for is being pretty crap at Photoshop.”