Meghan accused of altering Kate’s photo

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Meghan Markle has been blamed for an edited photo of Kate Middleton that was released by the Palace over the weekend.

After the photo was withdrawn by many photo agencies following the discovery of ‘obvious digital alterations’, royal watchers have wasted no time in laying the blame firmly at the door of Harry’s wife, Meghan.

Royal Family superfan, Emily Matthews, told us, “Oh, I bet she’s absolutely loving all this, as it takes the attention away from her being the most evil person on the planet.

“I’ll bet she hacked into the palace servers using one of her techie American friends, and then slightly altered the photo so it would look like poor old Kate was releasing fake photos just to quell media interest in her health.

“She is so evil. Can you imagine sitting there thinking, I know, that woman has been in hospital for a big operation, so I’ll go in and edit her photos so the press will leave me alone for a while.

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“The bitch.”

Meanwhile, people who have been subtly editing their own photos for the best part of a decade have reacted with a shrug to the entire story.

Father of three Simon Williams told us, “I have three young kids, and I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Photoshop, I wouldn’t have a single photo in my entire house of them all looking at the camera at the same time.

“She has three kids aged 10 and under, and they’re all smiling AND looking at the camera? Of course it was bloody edited!”