Man pleased that whole treating-women-with-respect thing is over for another year

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Men everywhere have breathed a sigh of relief after International Women’s Day came to an end at midnight.

Following an entire day of treating women with consideration and decency, men everywhere are able to get back to normal for another 364 days without having to worry about what a load of uppity feminazis think.

“Yeah, I think it’s great for women to have that whole day of being respected and treated as equals,” said Simon Williams, a man.

“But it’s bloody hard work.

“I mean, Jenny in Accounts was wearing this blinding low-cut top, but because it was International Women’s Day, it didn’t feel right going over there and trying to sneak a crafty look down her chest.

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“I just hope she wears it again soon.”

It’s not just normal men, but high-powered captains of industry were grateful to see the end of International Women’s Day as well.

“Yes, we have to issue all sorts of rot to the media about valued female employees and whatnot,” said a high-powered captain of industry, coincidentally also called Simon Williams.

“Dreadful bore, but I usually get one of the girls in HR to do it. The men running the company are far too busy to worry about all that rubbish.”

It is thought that next year, rather than have to worry about treating women with respect again on International Women’s Day, most men will just feign illness and spend the day in bed instead.