Man hoping his moobs will stop policewoman giving him a ticket

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A man has adjusted his top to give the female police officer who just stopped him a better look at his moobs today.

Pulling down his v-neck, Simon Williams, who was doing 53 in a 30 zone, hopes that by giving the officer a bit of an eyeful he’ll be let off with just a caution.

“I know I was in the wrong, but with any luck showing some cleavage will help me out,” he told us, undoing the top two buttons on his shirt and brushing away some crumbs from his chest hair as she approached his car.

“I’ve seen this work in films where the cop stops a girl and she shows off her chest so it’s got to be worth a try, right?” he added, sliding an empty tray of chips under the passenger seat.

Licking his lips, Simon gave the officer a bashful, come-hither smile and polished off his can of Relentless to sharpen up his game.

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When asked, PC Helen Lewis said she really doesn’t get paid enough for this shit.