UK to deny re-entry to radicalised extremist Liz Truss

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Notorious extremist Liz Truss has been banned from returning to the United Kingdom, and may have her citizenship revoked, after appearing onstage with enemies of the state at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, USA.

Truss and two cronies fled the country in total secrecy last week to join up with the regressive and ultra-conservative faction, MAGA, which hopes to return the mid-west to the dark ages.

“Ms Truss’s actions go against our fundamental British values,” said a government spokesperson.

“She is a danger to our democracy and our mortgages. Imagine the havoc she may wreak on the financial markets if she is allowed back into the country. She might run for Tory leader again!”

Despite threatening to shoot down Britain with a “big bazooka”, and taking aim at the “socialist deep state” – comprising Margaret Thatcher, the Daily Telegraph’s leader writers and Mr. Moneybags off the Monopoly board – Truss protested her innocence. 

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“Look. I WAS… only in the country to scope out potential sites for new. PORK. Markets,” she raved, mouth foam-flecked and eyes swivelling.

Some commentators claimed that Truss was merely an indoctrinated patsy, who should not be held responsible for her actions after being brainwashed by nefarious online propagandists like Steve Bannon.

“She didn’t know any better,” said a source close to Truss. “As a teenager she was just a naïve young Liberal Democrat dazzled by the promise of a free market utopia. 

“Of course, when she realized it was a tawdry operation run by crooks and misogynists, she immediately signed up for a month-long speaking tour – I mean, regretted her decision and begged to come home.” 

Truss vowed to appeal the ruling, telling reporters, “This will cost them… billions on their pension investments.”