Lee Anderson asks GB News if they have any overtime going

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Lee Anderson is available for any shifts that need covering, according to GB News bosses this evening.

Following his suspension by the Tory party for Islamaphobic comments about London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Anderson now finds himself with some extra time on his hands and is keen to find out if GB News could use him for a few extra hours a week.

In a series of voicemail messages left for producers, executive producers and other executives, Anderson explained, “I have some free time, and I’d be happy, you know, to come in and do some more stuff on the tele.

“I’ll read the news. I’ll interview people. I’ll even eat cold beans for the entertainment of the viewers. Honestly, I have zero standards.

“Just keep me relevant. Please?”

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However, the offer has not immediately been taken up.

As one GB News producer told us, “When he was the Tory party deputy chairman, it was actually a bit of a coup to have him present a show on our channel. Then he lost that job and he was back to being just a normal Tory MP which wasn’t as good, but still worth keeping. Sort of.

“But now? Now he’s just a bigoted 57-year-old white fella with a below average IQ. And let’s be honest, there are loads of them around, so there is no need to pay him £100k a year to keep Lee on the payroll.

“So no, we won’t be calling him in for some extra shifts.

“If he’s trying to earn a living by being a bare-face twat for money, has he considered OnlyFans?”