Man hoping to hide fact he is a raging ball of triggered impotence by using three cry-laughing emojis

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A man in the Facebook comments is today trying to convince everyone he is the one laughing, by adding three cry-laugh emojis into a thread in which he being roundly mocked by much brighter people.

“No, you’re the triggered one!” he added, in an unnecessary addendum, given his belief that the three cry-laugh emojis were all that was required to illustrate that he was actually very happy with how the thread was developing.

“I am the one laughing at all of YOU,” he went on, apparently keen for everyone to ignore is ongoing descent into delirious snowflakery.

“I can here to trigger you all, and I’ve succeeded, clearly demonstrated by the fact that so many of you have responded in a mocking tone while expressing unerringly accurate opinions on the sad state of my personal life.

“Who cares if you all seem to know how deeply unhappy I am in the real world, and how everything in my life turns to failure, I got you to reply to my comment, so I am the REAL winner.

“Yes I am, shut up.”

However, not everyone in the thread is convinced by his attempts to cover up his inadequacies with three cry-laugh emojis.

As one commenter, Simon Williams, explained, “Everyone knows that the three cry-laugh emojis is the universal sign of of the desperately triggered who don’t want everyone to know they’re triggered.

“One cry laugh emoji is fine – the cry-laugh is something we all do from time to time. Two of them is a bit much, if we’re being honest, but if it was REALLY funny, then fair enough. But three? No. Never use three. Everyone knows that if you share three cry-laugh emojis you might as well share a selfie of you crying in the corner with a snot bubble emerging from your nose.

“It’s universally known as the signal for ‘I am hating every minute of this but I can’t walk away now and prove them all right’.

“Of course, we can’t rule out the slim possibility that they have such a low-IQ that they don’t actually realise they’re being mocked by literally everyone in the thread.

“So, they’re either a massively triggered snowflake, or an an olympic level moron. You decide.”