Tories warn of ‘dangerous precedent’ as Wellingborough rejects opportunity to let disgraced MP hand top job to his girlfriend

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The Tory party has issued a grave warning to fans of cronyism this morning, following the dangerous precedent set by the voters of Wellingborough.

The constituency boldly rejected the golden opportunity to continue the age-old practice of political nepotism, with voters apparently ‘refusing’ to elect the girlfriend of the previous incumbent, disgraced MP Pete Bone.

Pete Bone, whose career came to an abrupt end following a scandal involving allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct, had gracefully passed the torch to his girlfriend, in a move that many in the Tory party hailed as “a touching testament to love and legacy.”

However, the voters of Wellingborough, in what can only be described as a reckless display of democratic will, decided that cronyism was where they drew the line, leading to a humiliating defeat for the Tory candidate.

The Tory party has been quick to lament the loss, with one senior party official telling us, “This sets a truly dangerous precedent. If constituents start electing candidates based purely on their merit, rather than how well connected they are, where does it end?

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“Next, they’ll be expecting transparency and integrity from their elected officials. It’s an extremely slippery slope.

“If we can’t handpick Tory candidates based simply on who they know, or what school they went to, then how are we supposed to ever form a parliamentary majority again?”

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