Shock new poll reveals 51% back Marillion to form next government

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A shock new poll has revealed that OVER HALF of British people back 80s prog hitmakers Marillion to form the next Government.

The group, who were best known for hits like Lavander and Kayleigh and that picture of lead singer Fish holding his penis, have never been considered serious political players in the UK, but this poll seems set to change all this.

“I think that most people were operating on the assumption that Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party would win the next election,” explained BBC’s Chris Mason.

“But I think we have to take seriously the notion that Marillion could be the next Government. I mean, you can’t argue with poll results like this. Labour are some 20 points behind Marillion. If these results were to play out in a general election then Marillion would win by a landslide.”

Despite the seemingly unstoppable electoral popularity of the group, little is known of what plans they would have should they form the next Government.

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“Their website seems to consist mainly of details of German tour dates and a reissue of Script for a Jester’s Tear,” continued Mason.

“Which is all very interesting, but isn’t a platform for Government. They’d also have to decide whether to make lead singer Steve Hogarth Prime Minister or bring back Fish, who may well be better known to many British people as he was on Top of the Tops in the eighties.”

While poll has sent shockwaves through the British political establishment, results like this aren’t unprecedented. In the run up to the 2010 election, a poll saw 26% favouring Dire Straits to form the next Government, but ultimately it was David Cameron’s Conservatives who triumphed, meaning that there’s still everything to play for.