It’s not a proper Labour victory because if this were a general election we’d still have fifteen MPs, explains Rees-Mogg

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has derided Labour’s by-election victories last night, insisting that if the same swing were repeated at a general election, the Conservative party would still have fifteen MPs.

Following a chastening evening for the government, Rees-Mogg went on the offensive, explaining that although Labour won both seats being contested, it’s wasn’t a ‘proper’ victory as the swing would not completely annihilate the government.

He told reporters outside parliament, “Of course, Labour picked up two new seats. And they are seats that would have been considered relatively safe Tory seats in normal circumstances so they will try to spin this as some sort of victory, but can you really call it a victory if fifteen of my colleagues would have retained their seats?

“I’m sure Sir Keir will be pretending this is some sort of watershed moment, but I would readily point to the fifteen Tory MPs that would still be in parliament if this type of swing to Labour was seen in a general election and ask, ‘is this really what victory looks like to you?’.

“I suspect he might say ‘yes, this is what victory looks like to me’, but I’m afraid it’s simply not good enough. What good is a massive parliamentary majority when you haven’t ground your political opponents into dust and left them as nothing more than a ghastly mirage in the electorate’s distant memory?

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“No. I’m afraid that nothing less than complete and utter annihilation of the Conservative party will count as a proper Labour victory at the next election. If we have over a hundred MPs then we will be the real victors.

“Yes, I can throw a kettle over a pub, why do you ask?”

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